Wood Product Disclaimers

Primed Products

  • Primed products receive one coat of putty prior to application of primer.  Smaller voids will become apparent after the primer has been applied. These voids are acceptable and will require a second coat of putty by the customer prior to applying the enamel topcoat.
  • Primed products are subject to some natural grain raise during the priming process, which is not considered defective. Normal sanding preparation for topcoat application will remove these wood fibers.
  • Our Vent Covers are manufactured using substrate materials that will expand and contract with fluctuations in climate, temperature, and humidity. The movement of the substrate will cause fracturing anywhere sub-components have been joined together.
  • This fracturing is not considered defective and will most likely occur in the following areas:
    • Framing joints and Edge profiles – In both mitered and mortise and tendon joint construction at the exterior edges of the product.
    •  Louvers– Natural expansion and contraction of the substrate may fracture the bridging creating hairline cracks or separation.
    • Casing – When individual adjacent staves in the panel expand and contract at different rates causing minor offsets or highlighting of glue joints.

We are confident you will love the finished product and welcome the wall transformation. Please never hesitate to reach out to the Worth Home Product team with any question or concern.