Trouble Shooting - Ensure a tight ceiling connection

4 Easy Steps

  • Remove Existing Bulb

    Remove your exsting bulb or LED light. Ensure your can has a fixed E26 socket

  • Adjust the length

    Wrap the cord tightly around the spindle until you have reached your desired length.

  • Insert pendant light

    Insert and rotate in a clockwise motion, similar to screwing in a light bulb.

  • Raise the canopy and tighten

    Raise the canopy to conceal the can light. Gently pull the cord down while tightening the compression nut to achieve a flush fit against the ceiling.

Instant Pendant Light Installation Guide



Adjusts Cord Length Up to 55″

Wrap the cord around the spindle arm to adjust the cord length to your desired height. Change it any time by readjusting.

TROUBLE SHOOTING TIP:  The cord is susceptible to creasing and kinks in transit. To straighten faster than gravity will naturally do, apply hot air from a blowdryer to creased sections and massage to straighten.

Screws Into Recessed Light Socket

Installation is as easy as changing a light bulb. After adjusting the cord length, simply screw the socket adapter into your existing recessed light.

Hides Your Existing Recessed Light

The decorative ceiling canopy slides up tight against the ceiling to hide your existing recessed light. Only you will know it’s there.

TROUBLE SHOOTING TIP:  For a tight seal consider removing the recessed can trim. 

Holds Canopy in Place Without Tools

The compression nut matches the decorative ceiling canopy and holds the canopy in position. Simply turn it clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen. No Tools, No Mess. Upgrade any recessed light in minutes! No electrician required.


Download Instant Pendant Lights Instructions