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At Worth Home Products, we create high-quality, affordable products that quickly and easily transform decors. Our patented DIY solutions require minimum skills, install in minutes and best of all, save you time and money by avoiding expensive professionals.

From Pendants that Stand Out

To A/C Grilles that are Designed

To Blend In --- Details Matter

  • 1.

    Upgrade Your old Grilles

    Combine style, function and performance with our patented luxury return air grilles

  • 2.

    It's An Easy DIY Solution

    Simple remove your stamped metal and insert our metal sleeve for housing 1" A/C filters. Then paint to match your walls or trim color.

  • 3.

    Precision Engineered

    Designed to maximize air flow, our design seamlessly blends into your decor and the decorative trim adds a polished millwork look.

  • 4.

    It's quiet and cleans easily

    Use a damp cloth to wipe the louvers or grille cover.

  • 5.

    Don't see your size?

    We make made-to-order sizes and unique wood species by request.

  • 1.

    THe World's 1st Recessed Can Conversion kit

    Our patented design upgrades can lights to chic hanging pendants in minutes. Transforms your decor with decorative lighting accents.

  • 2.

    It's as easy as changing a light bulb

    Cancel the electrician! This innovation doesn't require tools or skills and has an adjustable cord that offers "mistake-proof decorating.

  • 3.

    Lighting is the final wow detail in your decor

    Pick from a wide variety of shade styles or design your own pendant with our Adapter-Only Series.

  • 4.

    The Most Affordable Lighting Upgrade

    Besides cancelling the electrician you save even more $$ by avoiding drywall damage and the time and costs of painting the ceiling.

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