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Welcome to Worth Home Products, where we create high-quality products that are easy to install, look great and last for years. Our name implies “value,” as we strive to offer superior-quality at extremely competitive prices. In fact, our lighting products are made by the same factories that manufacturer lighting products for many high-end lighting showrooms in the US. And our grille products are made to our highest standards and engineered for the best air-flow ratings of any wooden AC grille available in the market today.

Instant Pendant Lights

In addition to manufacturing standard hardwired pendant light fixtures, we created the category of “Recessed Light Conversion Kits” with our Instant Pendant Light product line. Convert your recessed lights into stylish hanging lights without the hassle or expense of remodeling. Simply screw it in and slide up the decorative canopy to hide the recessed light. It’s as easy as changing a light bulb.

Premium Wood A/C Return Grilles

When details matter. Replace your unattractive, metal return-air grilles with our easy-to-install stylish, high-quality wooden grilles that hold any 1” filter. Designed with sleek louvers at the optimum angle and spacing for maximum airflow and minimal noise. And best of all, our patented locking system keeps them safe and secure like no other wooden grille – no unsightly screws, latches or hinges.

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Instant Pendant Lights | Premium AC Return Grilles

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