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The perfect light to add the finishing touch!

We have updated many of our lights with the instant pendant lights throughout our home during our remodel and when this Rattan Shade was first released I just KNEW it would be perfect for our bathroom remodel over my new freestanding soaking tub! It replaced a boring recessed light and not only is it beautiful it adds just the right amount of light for a nice relaxing bath!

WOW!!! Thank you for sharing the transformation and we are so touched that you went the extra mile and shared the before and AFTER. We can't thank you enough for supporting our innovation. Wishing you peace and calm in that beautiful bathroom. We're fans of black and white interiors.

Great invention!

I bought two of these for my hallway. They are fabulous! I used my own shade from Lowes. These light adaptors are easy to install and are a good quality. The fact that you can wrap the cord around the bar on the adapter makes it easy to adjust the cord length and keep it all in it's proper place. Definitely an easy and inexpensive upgrade to my hallway! Thank you Worth Home. It was worth it! :)

We are so thrilled you upgraded your hallway. We think it's an neglected design opportunity. Great choice of shade, too. Thank you for sharing.

Way better looking then the old grill

Looks way better and fix perfect. Just need to touch up paint on the wall since the new grill is slightly smaller. Seems to get better return flow as well. We wanted to sand it and stain it natural to make the grill stand out but think we will go with paint matching the wall to blend. All in all great product. Will worth the price and little extra paint effort.

Love the photo and thank you for sharing your thoughts. We love it either stained or blended with the wall color. We'd love to see the final look. Thanks again.

Love our new porch

Installed in minutes and love the upgrade.

We love seeing our lights in your beautiful porch. Now that our product is approved for both damp and dry locations. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Neat light!

We are very happy with this light. Purchased for hallway recessed light replacement. Quality is good, easy to install, looks high end.

We love your nickel globes and what a wonderful final ornament to your entry.

Amazing Upgrade

I walked past this rather large air conditioning cover daily and it always annoyed me. Now it's like it's disappeared. Love this product

Great improvement

I had instant pendant lights prior to these. After some kitchen upgrades, I decided the old ones had to go. These are gorgeous and have a more modern look. Installation was difficult for me, so I had an electrician install them.

Install is problematic and straight forward

Great looking product. Install was not straight forward and as simple as they made it look. Support though after purchase, 110%. No complaints

Great pendant lights

Love the beauty and personality these lights brought to my condo. They helped define the dining area. Lovely day or night (see photos). Happily our ceilings are high enough that we didn't have to worry about adjusting the drop which meant making them hang evenly was easy. We hired someone to hang them for us but it was an easy install.

Instant Pendant Light Kit Brushed Bronze & Brushed Brass Metal Dome Shade PKN-7610-8303-F
Michelle Backus Walzer
Great product

What a beautiful pendant. It was exactly what I was looking for and is an added touch above my kitchen sink. It also was a cinch to install and took me about 5 minutes.

So happy the instant pendant light was 'easy' to install and added a wow to your kitchen. Thank you for sharing and it looks great!!

Genius !!!! I love it.

It was so easy to hook up as easy as screwing in a light bulb. I just Love it so much.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen photo and we are thrilled that you love the finished look. Small companies stand on the shoulders of our happiest customers.

Easy to install/ fantastic product

Just like the instructions tell you. Simple and easy. No problems . I installed one in my foyer ( 10 minutes ) and two over the kitchen island ( 25 minutes) took a little more time to get them the same length. Before and after pictures

We are over the moon happy to hear how quickly the Instant Pendants installed and love see your photos. Thanks for sharing and hope our lights bring joy to your space.

The Mercury Pendant Is Beautiful

The size is perfect for making a statement in our kitchen.

Wonderful experience

Absolutely love the pendant light! So easy to install and it looks beautiful. I was delighted when it arrived so quickly that I put it up right away.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and we absolutely love seeing our lights hanging. Wishing you joy and bright light in your space.


Just love Worth recessed light converters! This is the third one I've purchased and it is just perfect!. Besides being easy to install they look great! The customer service is also excellent. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. As a small business, we stand on the shoulders of our happiest customers. We love seeing our products hanging.

Highly recommend!

Beautiful! Instantly changed my room!

We absolutely love the lantern pendant and appreciate your sharing your application!

Instant Pendant Light with 11" Brushed Bronze Pyramid Shade
Donna Stieber
Pendant Light with 11" Brushed Bronze Pyramid Shade?

Beautiful and perfectly simple to install. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Love your kitchen island and thanks for sharing.

Added the finishing touch to our renovated kitchen!

We had traditional can lights over our 2 kitchen islands, and not only did the can lights not add much light to the kitchen, they were boring! These lights were the finishing touch over our islands adding not only beauty, style but also illuminating our newly renovated kitchen! Thank you! I just ordered the black Black Rattan pendant to hang down over my soon to be remodeled freestanding slipper tube! I'll post pictures when it's complete ;-)

Wow!! Love the look and we can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts and your support of our brand and innovation. We can't wait to see our new rattan pendant hanging in your home.

Classic and Beautiful

The pendant lights that I ordered for over the island arrived in a week and were really easy to install. I did have to fiddle a little to get them to hang the same length, but got it after a couple tries. The covers are a perfect fit over the pre-existing can lights. Very happy with the look and would order from them again.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and we agree that the only aspect that doesn't take an instant it making sure 2 pendants are perfectly aligned. We love that you shared your beautiful installation.

Mechanical closet return/cover

I contacted Worth Home Products in order to custom build an air return/cover for a wall mounted air handler. I am located in Alabama and they are located in Texas. Miss Lori was very polite, professional throughout the all process. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and other professionals.
Thank you so much.

How sweet you are to share your photos and we have been curious how the installation went for your unique application. That might have been one of our tallest ever built grilles...hehe Hope to work together again.

Simple Upgrade

My wife hated the instant pendants we had before. She really likes the style and design of these. The bulbs really bring the entire thing together. My only criticism is I wish there was an option for a not so clear glass. I guess you could say frosted or etched, I don’t know the exact term. But at 6’ 6”, these pendants are hanging at my eye level and it is taking some adjustment to avoid being blinded by the light through the clear glass. If you’re below 5’ 9” then it probably won’t be an issue for you but the glass doesn’t offer any softness. Otherwise, really like them.

Excellent product!!

We had a very large return air grate in our basement. Since it’s a walkout, with finished space the old metal grate needed to go. We had the custom size made & can say that we would not hesitate to spend the dollars on another if needed. We actually stained ours versus painting & it turned out amazing.

Thank you for the review! We love seeing our customers getting creative with our products!

Perfect for our upgrade

Originally I saw this pendant conversion kit on Amazon but they said there was only 1 in stock and I needed 5. So I searched out the company directly and found what I needed. I was trying to use a discount code they sent me but it wasn’t working so I reached out to the company and they remedied the situation for me and even discounted the order more! Not only were the kits perfect for what we needed but customer support was awesome!

We are so happy that you love the finished product and had a good experience with our customer service. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Love, Love love this item!

This item was easy to install and looks beautiful! It transformed my kitchen in a cost-effective and simple manner. I highly recommend. Customer Service was great also!

We happy you transformed your kitchen with our quick and easy solution. Thanks for sharing your beautiful before and after photos.

Not perfect

When spending over $100 for a 12”x12” product I expect perfection. Not wood filler to be used to mask product imperfection. Quality process not in place.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and we agree. Unfortunately, in our haste to deliver our products, we sometimes miss the very details that matter. Please reach out to us for a replacement. We are dedicated to the best products and best customer service.