Information on our Decorative Pattern A/C Vent Covers

Engineered to ensure proper airflow and aesthetics, our patent-pending locking system provides a secure installation and simple filter replacement, duct cleaning or inspection – all with no moving or visible hardware. Our  2-part  designs pushes the filter back to reduce seeing it from the wall. 

2-part design:
Each vent cover is handmade from wood with laser-cut designs and rare-earth magnets. Using superior craftsmanship our grilles won’t warp or bend over time.

Each panel comes with 4- parts to assemble a heavy-duty  3” deep metal frame to fits in your return-air opening flush to the wall. Attach the sides, top and bottom metal pieces with the outside flanges designed to connect to the magnets. The back flange catches either a 1" or 2" A/C filter. 

Choosing Your Size

All sizes are listed width by height (W x H). However, the pattern vents do not require correct orientation. For example, you can order a 20w x 25h or a 25w x20h. The continuous patterns are designed for either orientation.

The easiest way to choose your size is to use the same size as the 1" filter, if there is one at the return-air opening.

Our 4-part metal frame has a 3″ depth. Our cover and sleeves allow for some measurement tolerance.

Don't see your size call (866)-384-9400 or email us  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry custom sizes?
Depending on the size, we can custom make the vent cover size you need, please call us direct to place an order. Or you can email us at

What if my item is defective, broken or needs repair?
Worth Home will replace or repair any defective part. However, on rare occasions, a product can have a defect that was undetected by the manufacturer or that becomes apparent during use. If a product you’ve purchased Worth Home Products has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at

How do I return a product?
We have a 30 day return policy, if the following are met.  Returns must be in its original packing and condition with no damage in order to receive proper credit. There is a 10% or more depending on the damage.  Please return the item in its original box with protective foam corners positioned. 

No returns or refunds for any custom orders.

What size do I order?
To ensure that you are ordering the proper size, please remove your existing metal grille and take measurements of the inside opening. Ex, if your opening is 20 1/8” x 20 1/8”, you would order the 20 x 20 grille.

When will my order ship out?
Currently, patterned vents will ship in 3-4 weeks.