Made-to-Order Design Series A/C Return Grilles

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Since 2004, our return-air grille design combines style, versatility and performance. Engineered to ensure proper airflow and constructed to last for years. And our patented locking system provides a secure installation and a simple operation for filter replacement, duct cleaning or inspection – all with no moving or visible hardware.

2-part design:

Each Made-to-Order grille is made with solid Poplar wood which stains beautifully, but are best suited for dark stains. If you desire a light stain finish, we recommend you request a specific wood species and an additional fee will be required to ensure no inconsistencies in color or grain variation. Regardless of the wood species, you will note superior craftsmanship with tongue-and-grove construction and glued at every joint. Our grilles won’t warp, bend or break.

Each grille comes with a 3” deep metal frame that fits in your return-air opening flush to the wall without needing tools or special skills. Just push it in and the outside flanges will prevent it from going too far into the return-air opening. Then just screw or nail it in like a metal return-air grille, insert your filter (if needed), and lock your grille in place with our patented locking system.

Choosing Your Size
All sizes are listed width by height (W x H). We can make any width and even-numbered height starting at 10” and going higher (12, 14, 16, etc). Custom heights are available but are subject to a design and set up fee. The included metal frame has a 3″ depth and a width and height that are ¼” larger than its nominalFor return-air grilles, the “nominal dimension” corresponds to the size filter and grille, neither of which are actually that exact size.

For instance, our 20×30 grille comes with a metal frame that holds a 20x30x1” filter and has an exterior dimension of 20-1/4” W x 30-1/4” H. A typical return-air opening will be sized 20-1/2” W x 30-1/2” H.

If you are ordering a standard size, the metal frame will hold any 1” thick filter of the same size, even Filtrete filters which can be sized large.

If your grille size is not listed on our in-stock selection, consider our made-to-order Design Series grilles .

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