When Details Matter

Premium AC Return Grilles

Premium Wood A/C Grilles

When details matter. Replace your cheap, stamped-metal return air grilles with our beautiful, superior-quality return air grilles that are made of premium wood and retrofit into any standard return-air opening without modifications. Just paint or stain to match your décor and enjoy for years. Backed by our 5-year warranty.

Easy to Install

These grilles come with an easy-to-install metal sleeve that holds a standard 1″ A/C filter and ensures a flush wall mount without leveling tools More


Safety & Convenience

Our patented design securely locks the grille into the wall without visible screws, latches, or moving parts that require maintenance More


Precision Design & Performance

Using computer-aid design, our sleek louvers are positioned at the optimum angle and spacing to ensure maximum airflow and minimal noise. More


Easy to Clean

Our smart design not only looks great but also stays cleaner longer, and when needed, is easier to clean. More

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When Details Matter

Turn an eye sore into a decorative detail

Ready for Paint Grille

Paintable Design Series

Pre-primed / ready to paint

Ready for Stain Grille

Stainable Architectural Series

High quality / ready to stain

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