DIY Projects that Offer a Big Return


Many area housing markets have seen a steady rise in property values and  homeowners and renters are choosing to stay put rather than move. Do-it-yourself home décor projects are on the rise, and many deliver a big impact for not a lot of money. 

Walls offer a big canvas to change a mood, enhance a space or transform a room. While a vibrant can of paint is the most obvious fix, we found several unique DIY solutions to transform your wall décor. 

With rising temperatures, everyone appreciates air conditioning, especially in southern regions. But, what about those huge, stamped metal A/C grilles that bough, whistle, and capture dust partials? A local company offers an easy upgrade.

Decorative wood louver and laser cut A/C grilles pop into old HVAC openings and are paint-ready to blend into any décor. Lori Machiorlette, president of Worth Home Products explains, “There are certain hot buttons that drive detail-oriented homeowners crazy, and that’s a dirty, ugly A/C grille. Our customers absolutely love the wall transformation.”

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