Quick Fix: Instant Pendant Lights in the Kitchen

    • Why Pendant Lights /contributed by: Kiersten@ Forever Home FIx

I found these instant pendant lights that use your existing can lights a number of years ago and have been a major fan ever since. They help define a space, come in a variety of interchangeable styles and installation is as easy as changing a light bulb. Both in the old house and the new, the kitchen had can lighting only. But over the counter, two of the can lights were on their own switch which made for a perfect pair to turn into temporary pendants.

Even though I'm feeling pretty confident in my electrical skills these days, I figured this was a better first step for adding some personalization to the kitchen that could easily be changed later.

You can see above the peninsula there are two unlit can lights. Perfect placement for pendants if you ask me - give some visual separation to the kitchen plus bring the light down a little closer to the counter for better task lighting. To read more

kitchen with can lights
Can lights in kitchen - also have one over the sink that could be a good contender

What Are Instant Pendant Lights

Here's the product I'm talking about - you can see it's a pendant light attached to a screw in light-bulb component! They come in a few different wire/base colors and have a lot of shade options - different glass, metals, shapes, sizes... I've found them at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes and Ballard Designs. Ballard Designs has some really cute ones that are larger - we had two of those at the old house but they're a little pricer so I wanted to save my pennies on this one just to get started until I figure out what the heck this kitchen is going to become. Worth Home Products has many cute options both in full kits or mix and match pieces and prices are very reasonable! They seem to have a corner on the marketplace, and for good reason - a lot of cute shade options!

How to Install Instant Pendant Lights

You just adjust the length of the wire to the height you want by wrapping it around the hook, then tighten the top piece to the can and BINGO! Instant Pendant Light!

Worth Home Products Instant Pendant Light Tips

Pendant lights should be hung appropriately 28-34 inches above the counter so you'll need to play around with cord length a bit to figure out how many times to wrap the cord around the hook. This would be easier if you had a helper so one person could be at the ceiling wrapping the cord and the other at the counter evaluating height, but these are projects I do when everyone's napping so it can totally be a one-person job.


After: Instant Pendants Installed

Kitchen with pendants over island
Let there be PENDANT light!

I love the versatility of these lights and having the ability to have them on or off. Most of the time, we don't need the light, but it definitely helps having the task light closer to the counter when the kids are working projects, we're cooking or we have a spread of food out for guests.

Thank you from Worth Home Products to consider following them for more great home decor ideas.